Serving Jesus is not only a way to connect with Him and to our church; it is an attitude, a way of life. After you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and you begin to build your relationship with Him, you will develop a desire to serve Him. This is done outside the church – as you go through your day and it is done inside the church – through the ministries of our church.  
The resources below are tools to help you discover the gifts that God has given you and to help you connect to our church as you serve Him.


To help you find your Spiritual Gifts, please click on banner below called Spiritual Gifts Discovery. Once you’ve completed the Assessment you will receive your results. (Your results will automatically be forwarded to Wendy Rising.)
Use your results as a starting point to serve Jesus. Please remember the assessment is only a tool. It is not the complete authority on your spiritual gifts. Your gifts will be affirmed to you by The Holy Spirit.
Once you’ve completed The Spiritual Gifts Assessment, look through the brochure below to view some of the ways you could serve Jesus in our church.   For more information about spiritual gifts, your assessment results, and areas of ministry in our church, please let us know.
Download the brochure to see our areas of ministry.
Spiritual Gifts Assessment