#1 - How to Connect with Jesus

For more information on how to connect to Jesus or if you have questions about how to have a relationship with Jesus, please click here to contact Pastor Chad.

#2 - How to Follow Jesus in Believer's Baptism

We are called to follow Christ in believer’s baptism.  In Matthew 3:16-17, Jesus was baptized and God was pleased.  We are to follow HIs example.  Baptism is a symbol of Christ’s life, death upon the cross, and resurrection on the third day.   

If you would like to follow Christ in Believer’s Baptism or have more questions, please click here to contact Pastor Chad.

#3 - How to Become a Member of the Blacks Creek Family

Church Membership is simple. Prerequisites include a relationship with Jesus Christ, and baptism.  For more information on church membership please contact Pastor Chad.

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